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Privacy Policy

The type of information we request and why:

On a limited based, we collect a limited amount of information about users.  The type of information varies but is generally restricted to email addresses for requests of Henry County newsletters (or surveys we occasionally provide for clients or associates, or their mailing lists or forms.)  If we also request your zip code, this is to better define demographics about the geographical location of the requests.  In the event we are running a give-away (such as the Henry County Sampler) we request mailing addresses so winners can be notified and receive their sampler.  We also log usage in broad and general terms in order to determine favorite pages within the site.  This is non-specific user information regarding page requests.  Again, this is used for general security matters, such as abuse.

Hey, usually we don't even ask your name!

What we do with the information collected:

Under normal circumstances we do very little with the information collected, except as described above, or for the specific intent of a survey.

We DO NOT sell, trade, or otherwise "share" our mailing list with any other entity.

We DO NOT use a software address book, server-side database or listserv.  This adds just a little more security prevention in case we ever do have a malicious "worm" attack, malware cannot easily find your email address on our computers.

We do the best we can to protect your privacy at all times.

Revised 12/6/09


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