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Welcome Rumpke Customer,

Henry County Fiscal Court has renewed the franchise with Rumpke of Kentucky, Inc.; an exclusive franchise for trash collection outside of the county's incorporated cities. The cities of Eminence, Pleasureville, Smithfield, New Castle and Campbellsburg are not included in this contract. This franchise covers all residential and commercial trash services without dumpsters.

Rumpke is a family business with over seventy-five years experience and we are here to serve you. Please contact us at (800) 678-6753 or (502) 568-3800 if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you.

NOTE:  YOUR physical addresses is recorded for actual collection, however, if you have a different BILLING ADDRESS (such as a PO BOX) please contact us and let us know.


January 1, 2009 Rumpke of Kentucky, Inc. begins a new 5-year franchise as the exclusive provider of residential garbage collection in these areas. All areas of Henry County outside the five cities of Campbellsburg, Eminence, New Castle, Pleasureville, and Smithfield are subject to Henry County’s mandatory garbage Ordinance.

Collection Schedule

Rumpke provides collection once a week on either Monday, Tuesday, or Friday. If you don't know your collection date, call us.

Holidays: Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Rumpke will be closed on December 25th and January 1. You collection day may be moved back each of these weeks.

Snow Schedule: If weather prevents collection in your area on the normal collection day, Rumpke will make an effort to return as soon as possible. Extended weather problems may prevent a timely return and Rumpke will collect all trash on the next scheduled collection day.

Billing: Rumpke will invoice customers in advance at the rate of $57.00 per quarter. You will receive your first quarter invoice (January-February-March) in December 2008.

Set-out Procedures

Residential: All residential household trash must be properly contained and set at the curbside by 6:00 A M on the day of collection. You may set out up to twelve (12), thirty-gallon garbage bags or the equivalent. One (1), 95-gallon Rumpke trash cart is provided at no additional charge. If you do not have the provided Rumpke trash cart and would like one, please call us. Additional Rumpke trash carts are available at a monthly rate of $3.50. Trash may also be placed in standard 30-gallon trash cans. Rumpke may not collect construction debris, tires, batteries, liquids such as paint or fuel, items containing CFCs, or any hazardous waste.

Large Item Pick-up: Each month, residential customers may set out one (1) large item at no additional charge. This may be furniture, an appliance, or a household item. As a general rule, this item should be no larger than a Rumpke trash cart and weigh no more than 75 pounds but some larger items may be accepted. Call us if you have a large item.

Commercial: Accounts not using dumpster services may set out three (3), 30-gallon trash cans or one (1), 95-gallon Rumpke trash cart provided at no additional charge. Collection will be at the street, alley, or other public right of way.

Low Income Eligibility

Customers who can verify an income of less than $800.00 a month may qualify for free service. Customers who are handicapped/disabled may qualify for pick-up at the house. The Tri-County Community Action Agency (not Rumpke) reviews all applications. Their phone number is 502/845-7808.

Exception for Commercial or Agricultural Businesses

A resident who is an owner of a business may dispose of his/her household waste at the commercial dumpster of the business. There is a limit of four (4) eligible households per business. Ownership is defined as: 1) one whose name appears on the deed to the property where the dumpster is located or 2) where the resident can provide proof of financial investment in the business. Contact us if you qualify.

Other Services

Rumpke offers services in addition to those provide under this Residential Franchise. These include commercial dumpsters, construction dumpsters, portable toilets, and waste removal services for special events. Call us at our Louisville office for more information.

RUMPKE OF KENTUCKY, INC. 1-800-678-6753 OR 502-568-3800



Rumpke provides drop-off recycling bins at the County Road Barn, located at 714 Property Road. These bins are for basic items usually found in the house or office and are not for commercial items such as car parts or construction waste. Acceptable items are newspaper, cardboard (broken down), junk mail, magazines less than one inch thick, aluminum cans, bi-metal or steel food cans, #1 through #7 plastic bottles or jars, and office paper.  Items not acceptable are pizza boxes, bottles/jars contaminated with oil, tissue or wrapping paper, plastic bags, batteries, and glass.


You can accumulate A LOT of recyclable material in a short time.  If you would like to drop it off sooner than the schedule times/dates below you can bring it to the County Road Barn at 714 Property Road 7 days a week.

Recycle items do not have to be separated, use any bin with available space.

  • Newspaper, magazines, etc.

  • Cardboard

  • Plastics bottles & jars

  • Aluminum Cans

  • Metal Food Cans


We Do NOT recycle:

  • Plastic Films (bags)

  • Styrofoam

See specific information above.

We will now accept glass: clear, brown, blue, or green glass bottles or jars in which food or beverage products are packaged. We will not accept other forms of glass, such as window panes, storm doors, glass decorative items such as ornaments or statues, drinking glasses, or light bulbs.

This is for containers, household bottles or jars, only. Glass becomes a safety issue with some of these other items and we must restrict the types of glass we accept.



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